Ministry Teams
A few years ago, the church’s governing body decided to move away from a committee model of structuring ministry and move toward a team model.  Some of the significant differences that this change made include:

– A team comes into existence when an individual or group of individuals identifies a ministry need which they feel called to fulfill.
– There is no set time period for a team to exist.
– The team works until the ministry need is fulfilled or the team no longer feels called to the ministry.
– The membership of the team is based on those who feel called and/or have a passion for the specific ministry.
– The team determines the leadership from among its members.

If you have gifts and talents that you would like to share with a ministry team, please contact a member of the Session (the church governing body), the pastor or contact the Church office.

Property and Finance

The ministry of this team is to oversee the physical structures and financial accounts held in trust by First United Presbyterian Church.  This is accomplished by regular inspection of all property, ensuring proper maintenance and repairs of property, preparation and monitoring of an annual budget, and future visioning and planning in relation to the property and assets of the congregation.  This team meets the fourth Thursday of each month.

Team Members

Kevin d
Mike D
Hal J
Carol J
Jake J
Robert N
Don S


The ministry of this team is to develop and implement policies and procedures in regards to the paid staff and volunteers of the church.  This is accomplished by writing a personnel manual which contains appropriate policies and procedures, writing and revising job descriptions for staff and volunteers, establishing a performance review system for staff, ensuring appropriate background checks are conducted, reviewing compensation, and making compensation recommendations to the Session.  This team meets following worship on the fourth Sunday of the month.

Team Members

Seasonal Planning Team

This is the newest of our teams.  The Seasonal Planning Team changes six times per year so if you are looking for a short-term commitment, this may be the team for you.  The team works with the worship leaders to plan seasonal decorations for the sanctuary and Fellowship Hall and executes at least one fellowship event during its term.

+++All teams and sub-teams of the congregation are under the oversight and direction of the Session.